Your Employees Experience

You can transfer funds from your Workplace Wallet to Employee Wallets who are members of your Workplace. This gives your employees the freedom to donate to the causes they care most about.

Here's what happens when a Giver joins an Uncommon Giving Employer Workplace

  • An email will be sent to the employee's business email address provided by the Workplace Admin.
  • Employees can click the registration page button in the email to register.
  • If the employee already has an Uncommon Giving account, they can sign in to their existing account.
  • If the employee does not have an Uncommon Giving account, they will be allowed to create one. The employee should create their Uncommon Giving account with their personal email address.
  • Once the employee registers and signs in, they will be asked to enter their workplace email to confirm the relationship.
  • After successfully providing the matching work email, the employee will be securely bound to the Workplace.
  • A new menu item, 'My Workplace,' will appear at the top of the employees' navigation bar.

An Uncommon Giving account is a personal account that a Giver takes with them for a lifetime. All giving information is private to the Giver and is never shared with outside parties or past/current employers. When a Giver is added to an Uncommon Giving Workplace, they have the opportunity to participate in all of the good the Workplace is doing.