What videos should our nonprofit include on Uncommon Giving?

We believe when you inspire through impact, giving will lead to more giving - and video storytelling is a great tool. There are three types of videos that engage Uncommon givers:

Profile video - This is a video to highlight your mission, share information about your organization or an impactful story. Profile videos never expire and you can add or change them as often as you like.
Thank You video – Each time a giver completes a donation, Uncommon Giving will display a thank you video to let them know their gift has been received and is celebrated. Please upload a personal video message on the Media section of your Admin Dashboard. Until then, we will make sure each giver receives a thank you from Uncommon Giving.
Sample Thank You Video:
Giving Impact Video (GIV) - A GIV is a simple tool to share your impact with generous givers who support your organization. It's a way to celebrate gifts of any size and provide the giver an Uncommon experience of gratitude. Maybe you delivered 100 beds to people in need last month - share it! We'll send your GIV to Uncommon givers 30 days after their gift to your organization to communicate the impact of their donation. Each GIV will expire 30 days after it's loaded, so be sure to upload a new video each month to share your current impact.
Sample Giving Impact Video: