Transferring Funds to Employee Wallets

You can help your employees support the causes they care most about by transferring funds to their Digital Wallets.

Note: As a Workplace Admin, you must have 'Manage Workplace Funding' permissions and 'View Workplace Funding' permissions. You will also need sufficient funds in your Employer Wallet to complete a transfer to Employee Wallets.


To complete a transfer:

1. Go to your employee list

2. Find the employee you wish to recognize and click 'View.'

3. In the upper right corner of the screen, click 'Transfer Funds'.

4. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and a personalized note that will be sent to the employee as an email.

5. When you click the 'Transfer' button, the funds will move from the Employer Wallet to the recipient's Employee Wallet.


That's it! You've just taken an important step toward increasing your organization's level of Generosity!