Send donors a thank you video!

Are you a nonprofit looking to engage new donors? Send a thank you video to inform donors about the causes they care most about.

At Uncommon Giving, you can celebrate generous givers by uploading your own Thank You video to play after each donation! Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Log In to your account
  2. Upload your custom video to the Media section of your Admin Dashboard (your thank you video will appear each time an Uncommon giver donates to your organization).
  3. While you are there, make sure to update your profile with your ACH credentials, keywords, photos and other details.

Sample Thank You Video:

Here are a few easy tips for an impactful thank you that will keep givers coming back for more.

  • If possible, take givers into your environment so they feel part of the story.
  • Personalize your thank you and describe how their gift will be used.
  • Express your gratitude and encourage givers to stay involved.
Don’t worry about a big production – all you need is your phone! 
  • Shoot in landscape mode. When your screen is horizontal, we can see more of your big hearts.
  • Lock it down. Use a tripod or set your phone on something solid.
  • Don't use digital zoom. Bring the phone closer to you. This will also help with the audio.
  • Speaking of audio. Find a quiet spot to film and avoid noisy or distracting environments. 
  • Light yourself, not the viewer. Avoid having the sun or other bright light behind you, shining into the camera lens.
  • Keep it short. We think 30 seconds makes a great video -- two minutes, tops. You can upload file sizes up to 40MB. 
Please contact if you have questions.