Editing & Viewing Your Workplace

Note: Different menu items are available for Workplace Admins depending on their permissions for that workplace.


The Overview section will show information about your Workplace. This includes how much funding has been added to your Workplace, distributed to your employees and how many employees have claimed their funding.



A Workplace Admin who has the Manage Employees permission can edit information about employees. To properly add an employee with a seeding amount, they must also have the Manage Workplace funding permission.

  • In the Workplace Portal, go to Employees on the left side navigation.  
  • In the top right of the Employees page, there are two options:
  • + Add Employee for adding one Employee at a time
  • ^ Import for adding a CSV file of multiple employees


Adding a single employee 

  • Go to the Employees tab of the Workplace Portal
  • Click + Add Employee and enter the requested information
  • Click Create
  • At this point, an email will go to that Employee, inviting them to join the Workplace


Adding multiple employees

  • Go to the Employees tab of the Workplace Portal.
  • Click ^ Import
  • A CSV template will be supplied on this screen.
  • Create the CSV with the requested employee information
  • Before you upload the CSV or drag and drop it to the indicated area, please note that as soon as you import this CSV, emails will go to the employees in the list!



  • View the balance of the Workplace Wallet (DAF)
  • Configure an ACH account for transferring funds into the Workplace Wallet
  • Add Funds to the Workplace Wallet--please note that the funds will need to clear before you begin seeding employee accounts.
  • View the history of funding events for the Workplace Wallet



  • View the history of any transfers to employees 



The profile will be displayed for employees on the 'My Workplace' tab of their personal Uncommon Giving account. This profile can be configured with the following settings:

  • Display Name
  • Summary (displayed on the Workplace Profile page)
  • Featured Nonprofit or Giving Funds
  • Note: The first nonprofit or giving fund you select will be the one highlighted most prominently on the 'My Workplace' tab.
  • Logo



The Admin section is where you'll create additional administrators to manage your Workplace. You may assign different permissions to administrators depending on their role and needed level of access to the Portal.