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Why did my organization receive a check from Uncommon Charitable? 

The check you received represents donation(s) made through our generosity platform from an Uncommon Giving donor-advised fund (DAF) account holder to support your amazing work.

Uncommon Giving is proud to help awaken generosity and encourage giving to your organization through our online giving platform.
 Uncommon Giving is an innovative social impact company that provides a platform for companies and their employees with a modern solution for workplace giving & volunteering. Our online giving platform allows donors to give to any IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit, as well as record their volunteer time. 
Please note on the remittance stub that the payable amount(s) represents donations made to your organization. The deduction amount includes a Platform Fee which is assessed on each donation and is the lesser of 2% of the donation or $10.00, and possibly a $25.00 Check Processing Fee. 
To make those donations go further and avoid the $25.00 Check Processing Fee in the future, please login to your organization’s account* and add your bank information under the Gifts tab. We’ll send future donations securely via ACH. 
*If you haven’t yet joined our generosity platform, please click here to get started. It’s quick, easy and there is no cost to join.