Account Background, Banking and Credit Card Security

Uncommon Giving utilizes state of the art fraud detection and PCI compliant, merchant gateways for all ACH and credit card processing:
  • Upon account creation, Uncommon Giving utilizes an industry leading security partner for ACH account validation, fraud detection and prevention including:
    • Donor and nonprofit account verification and authentication
    • Verification of identity attributes (e.g., name, address, date of birth) against trusted data sources (e.g., Credit Reference Agency or Government Citizen file)
    • Persistent Identity Monitoring
    • Mobile Network Verification
    • Email and Social Intelligence
    • Bank account validation
  • ACH and credit card Donations are processed through a state of the art partner merchant gateway, a PCI compliant provider
  • Credit card details are tokenized through a industry leading PCI compliant credit card vault.
    • Credit Card data is not processed, stored or transmitted by the Uncommon Giving application or infrastructure.
  • Donations are processed via secure ACH or credit card.

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